The Braemar Coolmaster is the ideal solution for whole of home comfort, complementing a new Braemar ducted gas heating system.

Add-on cooling systems utilise Braemar ducted gas heating ductwork and grilles to provide refrigerated cooling. The system consists of an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and one controller for heating and cooling, with zoning options available.

We install the 18KW model of Braemar Coolmaster Add-On Cooling Module along with Braemar Central Heating - Auckland wide.

Braemar coolmaster add-on cooling indoor unit


Enjoy exceptional comfort without the worry of high energy costs with a quality fixed speed add-on cooling system.

Easy single point connection

Quick and easy single point duct connection of indoor unit.

Built in safe tray

Provides peace of mind, knowing that your Braemar add on cooling unit has a built-in safety drain tray, thus, eliminating the risk of water damage.

Easy and flexible installation

Compact design allows for installation in ceiling or under floor.

Braemar coolmaster add-on cooling outdoor unit


Flexible outdoor placement

Long pipe runs of up to 50m allows flexibility in placing an outdoor unit.

Efficient and quiet with 3 speed fan

Automatic fan speed adjustment as the evening temperature drops makes for best efficiency and e quietest operation.

Long life unit protection

Cabinet is made of high-quality galvanised steel and powder-coated with high quality epoxy paint for long life and extra strength. Pre-coated aluminium fins provide resistance against corrosion.

Vertical discharge

Top airflow outdoor unit allows for flexible installation.


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