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We supply both evaporative and refrigerated air conditioning brands that are world leading in their energy efficiency.

In a head to head comparison - evaporative air conditioning is considerably cheaper to run than refrigerated air conditioning.

Our Braemar Paradigm evaporative air conditioning system allows you to save up to 75% on energy bills when compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner.

No, it is recommended that you keep all windows and doors closed when using a refrigerated air conditioner. This keeps the cool air inside the room and at a moderate temperature. It also puts less stress on the air conditioner and keeps your power bills down.

However, if you like having your doors and windows open, and still want to stay cool with the use of an air conditioner - an evaporative air conditioning system would be perfect for you.

One of the great advantages of an evaporative air conditioner is that doors and windows can be left open - which is great news for people with children and pets who like to frequently come in and out throughout the day.

Fresh air is a major benefit of evaporative air conditioning, supplying 100% fresh, cool, outside air, all while delivering superior energy efficiency compared to a refrigerated equivalent. As the fan within an evaporative air conditioner draws outside air through the cooling pads, not only is the air chilled it is also filtered from impurities and pollens - a bonus for allergy sufferers.

It is important to remember that cooled air inside a home is not recirculated, so a door or window is left open for this air to escape, providing a home with a complete change in the air at least every two minutes.

Normally, the answer would be Yes.

However, our Braemar Paradigm evaporative air conditioning system comes with the option of a security relief vent that allows you to go to work or have a good night’s sleep with all your windows and doors safely closed and locked.


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